Our Story

Omkara Academy of Dance is a premier Bharata Natyam dance institution in Toronto which imparts training and offers classes in the Classical Indian dance of Bharata Natyam to aspiring students, artists and connoisseurs.  It’s mission is to promote Bharata Natyam training in its purest form, have lecture demonstrations, workshops and in time creative productions not only with the pure idiom of Bharata Natyam but also socially relevant themes.  Read More >

Our Bharata Natyam Course

Fully Certified

Omkara offer a thorough Bharata Natyam curriculum, with full certification from the JG College of Performing Arts in India. 


Omkara offers a rigorous, yet fast-paced Bharata Natyam curriculum, condensing the typically 7-year Bharata Natyam course into a 5 year program.


Omkara’s course teaches not only the technique and art of the dance form itself, but also cultural, historical and mythological aspects of Indian Classical Dance. 

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